Specials ZA

Who doesn’t like a special?

A bit about us...

We love all things food, especially going to a restaurant with friends or getting take outs when we just don’t have time to cook. Specials ZA was born when our desire to keep doing those good things didn’t match up with our covid-reduced income.


Why not have a site showing ONLY food & drink specials? Why should our weekly restaurant and take out craving have to be squashed because we suddenly can’t afford it?


Being marketing people through and through, we also felt for everyone who owns or is employed in a food related business during these unprecedented times. Marketing spend is usually the first item on the budget to be cut when things get tough, but that usually results in fewer feet through the door or clicks on the website.


There and then we set out to develop an effective, affordable (it’s free!) platform where people like us can find places to eat at prices even we can afford. Cue Chariots of Fire theme song and enter Specials ZA from left stage.


We’re chuffed with what we’ve done, and so will every food lover, restaurant, bar, take out and coffee shop owner be too.


Specials ZA will become THE go-to place for people wanting to eat out or in anywhere in South Africa. Watch this space.